Brunch at Cactus

On Sunday we decided to finally grab Brunch at Cactus on Alki Beach.  We’ve walked by several times during brunch (on our way to and from getting donuts at Top Pot) and it always smells amazing!

It was surprisingly not packed and we got a great seat in the bar area with a view of the beach and water! I ordered the Migas! I LOVE Migas. Fried tortillas and eggs are my JAM! These were pretty delicious. The chorizo added a nice heat and great flavor to the dish. The fresh guacamole on top added some freshness to it. Needed a little more salt and the potatoes weren’t very good – pretty flavorless. The homemade corn tortillas were the best part of the meal. So good!

Cactus - Migas

My boyfriend ordered the Chicken and Waffles. It was HUGE! One of my favorite dishes I had at Cactus was their Chicken Fried Chicken. It was the same chicken! This chicken is so crazy delicious! The waffle was OK, a little sweet.

Cactus - Chicken and Waffles

We really like Cactus and will be going back again and again.

I would give Cactus 4 Bites:
4 Bites