Dinner at Arashi Ramen

My boyfriend is always on the hunt for some good ramen. We usually trek over to Bellevue and go to Hokkaido, but since moving to West Seattle we decided to try  Arashi Ramen that is a smidge closer in Tukwila.

It’s a pretty small space, maybe has around 15 tables so we had a short wait, but not long at all. Like all ramen places it moves fast once you sit down. We ordered the gyoza for an appetizer. These are the best gyoza we’ve probably had in Seattle. They had a great texture, filling and wrapper. Exactly what a gyoza should be.

(Forgot to get a picture, will update next time we go!)

My boyfriend ordered the Shio Tonkotsu. He really enjoyed this ramen, but prefers the pork and noodles he usually gets at Hokkaido (Tonkotsu Toroniku Ramen).

Arashi Ramen - Shio Tonkotsu

I ordered the Spicy Miso Tonkotsu (sans chopped chasu).  I absolutely loved this ramen. I got it medium spicy and it was a perfect level of spiciness. Great flavor and perfectly cooked egg.

Arashi Ramen - Spicy Miso Tonkotsu

I personally like this restaurant better than Hokkaido, but my boyfriend likes Hokkaido better. Either way, this is a great little ramen spot!

I would give Arashi Ramen 4.5 Bites:
4.5 Bites