Dinner at Berliner Pub

This weekend we decided we needed to get out of the heat and see a movie. So, we decided to check out the Regal theater in Renton and grab dinner in the area. We searched around the internet and found Berliner Pub and it looked fantastic. Haven’t had any German food since we moved out here and it sounded like a great place to go relax, get a bite to eat and drink some beer (for my boyfriend) and cocktails (for me).

When you walk in it’s pretty huge and it’s seat yourself. The tables are all family style and there was a ’96 School Reunion in the back of the restaurant. It was pretty loud, but the ‘wurst’ part was how HOT it was (did you see what I did there…?)! We were trying to get out of the heat and ended up just sitting in a hot and muggy restaurant! Oh well, we still wanted to check out what they had to offer.

For drinks, my boyfriend ordered a Maisel’s Dunkel Weisse. He really liked this beer! He said it was light like a Hefeweissen, but had nice roasted, chocolate flavors.

Berliner Pub - Maisel's Weisse

I ordered a Schwarz Old Fashioned. It was OK. There was something in it that I didn’t quite like, I think it was the bitters or the bourbon they used.

Berliner Pub - Schwarz Old Fashioned

We decided to just order off their “Snacks” section and share a few plates. The first item we ordered was the Brätzel. It was pretty big! Came out piping hot and had two mustards on the side. The pretzel was a bit chewier and more dense than your typical soft pretzel. It was pretty darn good.

Berliner Pub - Brätzel

Next we ordered the Berliner Sliders. Three Kobe Beef Sliders with sharp cheddar cheese, pickles and zesty burger sauce with a side of fries! They sounded great and tasted even better than we could have imagined. The burger was nice and juicy, with a warm bun and the zesty sauce was great! The fries were shoestring and had some dill sprinkled on them – DELICIOUS!

Berliner Pub - Berliner Sliders

The last item we ordered was the Kase Spatzle – small egg noodle dumplings with onion and cheddar cheese sauce (a.ka. “German mac ‘n’ cheese”). The sauce on this was pretty good, and the spatzle was awesome. However, together it was a little flavorless and had the texture of really overcooked pasta. So it wasn’t our favorite, but we didn’t hate it either. I think adding bacon would have made it better (however I wouldn’t have eaten it, but I think my boyfriend would have enjoyed it more). The fried onions are top weren’t very good and were pushed off to the side.

Berliner Pub - Kase Spatzle

My boyfriend got a flight of Dunkel Weisse with the meal. It came with 4 different Dunkels which is not easy to find. He didn’t really love any of them (except for the one he already got), but enjoyed trying all of them.

Berliner Pub - Hefeweissen Flight

I really liked this place and would most definitely go back. There wasn’t anything on their Mains or Sausages sections of the menu I would get, but plenty of options for me in their Snacks and Sandwich sections.

I would give Berliner Pub 4 Bites:
4 Bites