Dinner at Harry’s Chicken Joint

Tonight we got to try Harry’s Chicken Joint and it was everything we hoped for and more 🙂 We have walked by this place several times since we’ve moved to West Seattle and each time they were closed for summer vacation! So we’ve been waiting for them to open back up.

When you walk inside it’s a pretty small restaurant. One booth in the front by the window and a handful of stools at the counter. Behind the counter is where all the magic happens. There are 3 cast iron fryers where they cook the chicken to order.

Harry's Chicken Joint - Cast Iron Fryers

We ordered 2 biscuits, Half Chicken and Jumbo Tenders to go. While we were waiting we started talking with the owners. They are very nice and friendly. That alone makes you want to support their business! They gave us a chicken tender to try. Oh man, this chicken was so good. It was perfectly fried, tender, juicy and had tons of flavor – you could see the different spices in the breading!

Harry's Chicken Joint - Chicken Tenders

The biscuits were huge! Wonderfully flaky and dense. Exactly what a biscuit should be. Especially good with butter, jam and/or honey!

Harry's Chicken Joint - Biscuits

The Half Chicken had the same breading on it, but you could tell it was different chicken. It was even more tender and juicy than the tenders.

Harry's Chicken Joint - Half Chicken

I would highly recommend this place. The chicken is cooked immediately after you order it and they check the temperature of each individual piece of chicken. That’s the way to cook perfectly fried chicken!

I would give Harry’s Chicken 5 Bites:
5 Bites