Dinner at Stars in the Sky

A few months ago I searched for Korean restaurants and found Stars in the Sky; known for their fried chicken and karaoke. We’re not into karaoke, but we are into fried chicken and have been wanting to check this place out.

We showed up to the restaurant about a half hour before they opened at 5, so we just sat in the car and waited. At first glance, the place looks a little sketch from the outside and could definitely use some tlc. We were fascinated by how many people were coming and going from the foot massage place next door!

When it opened we were the first customers of the day, and unfortunately the place kind of smelled like garbage šŸ™ Kind of takes away from a place, when it doesn’t smell very nice. It is very small inside and I think the karaoke happened in the back in private rooms. We sat down at a table that was half booth half chairs. On the booth benches you could see fried chicken breading from the night before…. :-/

We ordered the cheesy fries (just in case the chicken wasn’t any good…figured you can’t mess up fries as much as you can fried chicken!) They weren’t half bad. They had a nice seasoning to them and a lot of melted monterey jack cheese (or a very similar cheese).

Stars in the Sky Cheesy Fries

For the chicken weĀ ordered 1/2 order fried chicken + 1/2 order sweet and spicy chicken. The chicken came out on a platter and looked and smelled really good. Unfortunately, the sweet and spicy chicken wasn’t for us. It had a spice that we didn’t like, I think cinnamon, that just overpowered everything else. The plain fried chicken was actually pretty decent. Nice and crunchy outside, and very juicy chicken inside. The chicken might have been a little better if the batter had some sort of spice added to it. The chicken came with a small salad with a dollop of ketchup and mayonnaise. Neither of us tried the salad, as the dressing seemed a little strange. There was also some honey mustard dipping sauce (delicious) and daikon pieces that added a nice little refreshing break from theĀ friedĀ chicken bites.

Stars in the Sky Fried Chicken

All in all, I don’t know if we’d go back. We might consider picking up a 1/2 order of the fried chicken and take it home, but would definitely not eat in again.

I would give Stars in the Sky 2.5 Bites
2.5 Bites