Love with Food – July Box

Today we received our July “Love is Adventure” Love with Food subscription box. We’ve been a little disappointed in the boxes the last couple of months, but this month we’re pretty excited.

This box contained 19 items. For chips/snacks there were 2 bags of Sea Salt Popcorn by Pure Growth, 2 bags of Naan Chips by Bandar, 1 bag of White Bean Crunch mac n’ cheese by Beanitos and one bag of Tomato Basil Pretzel Sticks by Pretzel Perfection.

Love with Food - Chips

1 bag of pur peppermints.

Love with Food - Pur Mints

1 Jimmy Bar, 2 Luna protein bars and 1 Peanut and Chocolate Caffeinated Energy Snack by Ritual.

Love with Food - Protein/Energy Bars

For sweets the box had 2 suckers, 2 packages of Cookie Thins and 1 bag of sour beans by YumEarth.

Love with Food - Sweet items

The box had two condiment samples of Marsala Spiced Ketchup and Spicy Mango Chili Sauce.

Love with Food - condiments

1 package of Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds by SuperSeedz.

Love with Food - Pumpkin Seeds

We are really excited about 12 of the items! The naan chips, thin cookies, the condiment samples, pumpkin seeds, caffeinated energy bar, popcorn and Beanitos crisps.

Love with Food - items ooking forward to

However, we aren’t very excited about a few of the items – suckers (always feels like a throw away in the boxes when they include stuff like this), Luna bars and the Jimmy bar.

Love with Food - items not looking forward to

Still really liking this subscription box! Always so fun šŸ™‚