Portland Trip – Day 1 Dinner at Fire on the Mountain

The theme of the next few posts is going to be — PORTLAND!!!! We decided to take a trip to ¬†Portland for the weekend and explore ūüôā ¬†It’s about a 3.5 hours drive for us so we didn’t get to our hotel until pretty late, but we still wanted to go out and try to find some food.

We looked up some restaurants near our hotel and we decided to check out Fire on the Mountain. Supposedly, the best wings in town. Before our trip I researched places to eat and found a Reddit thread on where to eat in Portland. This place was brought up several times so I was definitely interested in checking it out!

It’s a pretty big restaurant with an interesting music theme inside. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating and at 10pm on a Thursday it was pretty busy. You order at the counter and they bring it to your table. They have 12 different sauces for their wings and they have samples out for each so you can try them before you order. Such a brilliant idea!

For drinks I ordered a Pinot Noir from a local winery and my boyfriend ordered a Hoosier Amber Ale. I really liked my wine. It was a very light Pinot Noir so it was perfect for a late night drink. The ale was OK, nothing special.


We ordered a side of Fried Pickles. They were fried pickle spears from homemade pickles and came with a side of Chipotle Mayo. They had a great crunchy breading and were piping hot. I personally do not like when fried pickles are spears, instead of chips, as I think the breading to pickle ratio is off. The Chipotle Mayo had a hint of smokiness and had a really nice light heat to it.

Fire on the Mountain - Fried Pickles

I ordered 4 Bourbon Chipotle Boneless Wings with Fries. They were more tenders than boneless wings. The sauce had a hint of tangyness and a smokey deep heat.¬†There was an immediate heat right away and the more you ate the more the heat lingered. However, the breading was very soggy and it made the wings not very enjoyable to eat. The fries were good but had a hint of sweetness to them that I didn’t love. They were served with homemade ranch. I LOVE ranch – and homemade ranch is my absolute favorite to dip my fries in!

Fire on the Mountain - Boneless Wings

My boyfriend ordered 6 Mild Buffalo Wings. The wings were on the smaller side which is the way he prefers his wings. The fry on them was pretty typical, but the mild buffalo sauce was excellent. Good buffalo flavor with a hint of spice. All in all, a solid order of wings.

Fire on the Mountain - Wings

Overall, I don’t know if I would go back; my boyfriend would, but I don’t think I would. I was very disappointed about how soggy the boneless wings were and I didn’t really like the fried pickles.

I would give Fire on the Mountain 2.5 Bites:
2.5 Bites