Portland Trip – Day 2 Dinner at Nostrana

While researching places to eat during our Trip to Portland we stumbled across an Italian restaurant called Nostrana. It looked absolutely fantastic, so we decided to make reservations on our way to Portland.

After a long day of eating our way through the food carts we were still pretty full by the time our reservations came, but we decided we have a drink and take our time so that we’d be able to enjoy our dinner there.

I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir and my boyfriend ordered a cider. While we were relaxing and enjoying our drinks they brought some bread and butter. The bread looked like it was going to be super crunchy, but it was quite soft!

Nostrana - Bread and Better

For an appetizer we decided to share the Insalata Nostrana; their version of a caesar salad. Instead of using romaine lettuce like a typical caesar, they blanch and soak radicchio. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it as sometimes radicchio can be too bitter and overpowering for me, but it was absolutely delicious. The dressing on the salad was crazy good. It had such a nice light citrus flavor. This was not a heavy salad at all.

Nostrana - Insalata Nostrana

For dinner I ordered the Lumache. Lumache is a snail like pasta shell and they served it with a creamy tomato sauce. It was crazy good. Extremely light and refreshing sauce served over fresh homemade pasta. This dish was amazing, I could eat it every day!

Nostrana - Lumache

My boyfriend ordered the Radiatore al ragu. This dish was a pork and beef ragu served with fresh homemade pasta. It was a little heavy because of the meat sauce, but the pasta itself was nice and light. This dish was also very delicious!

Nostrana - ragu

For dessert I ordered their Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp. The menu instructed you to order it early because it takes 20 minutes, as they cook it to order! I was so stoked! I LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberry rhubarb desserts and I was not disappointed with this dessert. It was piping hot with a hint of sweet from the strawberries, a hint of tanginess from the rhubarb, a wonderful crisp topping served with almond cream that was poured over top table side. It was the perfect combination!

Nostrana - strawberry rhubarb crisp

My boyfriend ordered a scoop of Lemon Gelato and he loved it!

Nostrana - Lemon Gelato

I wish we lived closer to Portland, as I would go to Nostrana every week to try their daily changing menu. It had great ambience, large outdoor patio seating and amazing food. So glad we found this place and were able to get a reservation. Can’t wait to go back to Portland and eat here again!

I would give Nostrana 5 Bites:
5 Bites