Portland Trip – Day 2 Flavor Street Portland Walking Tour

While we were in Portland we decided we wanted to do some sort of food walking tour. So we decided to check out the Flavor Street Tour by Portland Walking Tour. It was a 1.5 hour walking tour of the food carts that are all over the city. On the tour we learned there are 730 food carts in Portland! That’s crazy!

We met our tour guide at Pioneer Square in the Theater Under the Square. There was one family of three besides us on the tour. From Pioneer Square we walked to our first cart. Our tour guide was pretty funny and did a great job giving information throughout the tour.

Our first stop was at The Dump Truck. A food cart that serves dumplings, but not any normal ole dumplings, but very unique ones. We got to try two of them. A pork gyoza and a bacon cheeseburger dumpling. I did not particularly like either of them. The wrapper itself was a little too chewy and the filling was way too dense and flavorless. The sauces were OK. They added the only flavor to the dumplings.

Flavor Street Tour - Dump Truck Dumplings

Our second stop was just a couple carts down at Savor Soup House. We got to try a shot of their Zucchini Soup. This soup was not very smooth and had one flavor note to it. I was glad it was just a small shot as I don’t think I could have eaten too much of it.

Flavor Street Tour - Savor Soup House Zucchini Soup

The third stop was a little further away at Steak Your Claim. We got to try their Pastrami Sandwich. My boyfriend really liked the pastrami and thought the sandwich was very good with lots of flavor. I didn’t really like it, but Pastrami is not my thing so my opinion is moot here 😉

Flavor Street Tour - Steak Your Claim Pastrami Sandwich

The fourth stop was close by at Korean Twist. At this cart we got to try a Bulgogi Taco! Oh my, was this tasty! The bulgogi was very thin and perfectly cooked with really great flavor! This was hands down my favorite item on this tour.

Flavor Street Tour - Korean Twist Bulgogi Taco

The fifth stop was right next door at Aybla Grill. We got to try their falafel with some hummus on top. They looked so pretty! I thought they had tons of flavor but were a little dry. They’d probably be awesome in a wrap, but on their own I didn’t really like them.

Flavor Street Tour - Aybla Grill Falafel

The sixth stop was at Cultured Caveman. This cart is a paleo cart so we were given a bacon wrapped date to try. I did not try this item at all, but my boyfriend did. He didn’t like it very much. Sorry,  I didn’t get a picture of it, but it was just a date…wrapped in bacon … 😉

Flavor Street Tour - Cultured Caveman

The seventh stop was at Pulehu Pizza, two carts down from Cultured Caveman. Our tour guide was so nice and asked them if they could give me something else because the pizza everyone else tried had bacon on it. I got to try their Margherita pizza with sausage. I thought this pizza was alright. The crust was super thin and crunchy and the pizza tasted pretty good. The pizza everyone else tried had bacon, onion and cream sauce. My boyfriend didn’t like it very much – way too much onion on it.

Flavor Street Tour - Puleha Pizza

The eighth and final stop was at Byte Lab Donuts. This was my second favorite stop! Which is very surprising because I’m not a big donut person. Here they make mini donuts! We got to try a Salted Caramel Donut and a Burnside Cream Donut. I tried the Salted Caramel Donut first and it was so good. The sugar on top gave a nice crunchy texture to the perfectly fried donut and sweet caramel sauce on top. However, the Burnside Cream Donut was crazy good! It was my favorite between the two. The donut is dipped in chocolate and topped with a delicious pastry cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was a great way to end the tour!

Flavor Street Tour - Donut Bye Labs

I really enjoyed this food tour. I thought it was a great way to experience the food cart scene in Portland, We even went back on our last day to Byte Lab Donuts to grab some donuts to take home! On top of the two we got to try on the tour we also got the Chocolate Sprinkle Donut and the Creme Brulee Donut. Mmmm mmmm…these were fantastic! I tried to go back to Korean Twist too, but it was closed on Sunday 🙁

Flavor Street Tour - Donut Byte Labs

I would give Flavor Street Portland Walking Tour 4 Bites:
4 Bites