Portland Trip – Day 3 Dinner at Le Pigeon

A co-worker of mine lives in Portland, so we made plans to meet up for dinner during our trip there and they joined us for a comedy show afterwards at Helium Comedy Club to see Lachlan Patterson. We threw out quite a few ideas for dinner and landed on Le Pigeon – a very popular, small, French Restaurant.  They told me that they’ve tried to get into this restaurant but weren’t ever able to, so I called the restaurant to make a reservation, but of course, they were booked. I happened across an article titled “How to Get a Reservation at Le Pigeon in Portland“. I read that the best seats in the place are those at the bar, and those are walk-in only! I was already excited, but getting to sit at the bar and watch all the chefs prepare everyone’s food I was even more pumped to eat there!

So after a great day of walking around the Oregon Zoo we headed over to the restaurant to put our name in and wait to be called. They weren’t arriving for an hour and a half so we decided to walk across the street, grab a drink at Burnside Brewing Co and watch the soccer game.

Burnside Brewing Co

When they arrived at Le Pigeon we were seated pretty quickly and were given some bread and butter. The butter had a nice sprinkling of sea salt on it which was a nice little surprise to boring bread and butter.

Le Pigeon - bread and butter

We decided to order 3 appetizers and share them; Orecchiette, Seared Foie Gras and Spring Salmon Poke. They were all amazing. The Orecchiette had sausage, artichoke, thyme and parmesan. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the sausage added a nice texture and spiciness to the dish.

Le Pigeon - Orichette

This was the first time I have ever tried Foie Gras. It was served with grilled chinese sausage, banana miso, spicy mushroom, green banana relish and marcona almonds. This was my least favorite dish, but it was still good. I surprisingly really liked the banana miso and relish. It didn’t taste like banana at all (which is great because I don’t like banana), it was a little sweet and added a nice texture to the dish. The foie gras itself really didn’t have a lot of flavor but was super creamy. I wish it had been served with bread or some crackers to spread it on, but maybe that’s a faux pas for foie gras?!? I don’t think I’d order it ever again, but now I can say I’ve had it and this was probably the best place to try it.

Le Pigeon - Foie gras

The Spring Salmon Poke was my favorite dish. I love salmon! This dish was served with egg, caper, lovage, cucumber and vadouvan curry aioli. I wish the dish had more salmon and less egg, as it more seemed like an egg dish, but it was absolutely awesome.

Le Pigeon - Salmon Poke

For dinner I ordered the Fish of the Day, which was Halibut. This dish was so light and delicious. The cream sauce was so smooth and the fish just melted in your mouth.

Le Pigeon - Halibut

My boyfriend ordered the Beef Cheek Bourguignon. It was served over a potato latke, red onion marmalade and carrots montreal. They poured the wonderfully deep rich sauce table side.

Le Pigeon - Beef Cheek Bourguignon

For dessert we ordered the Crème Brûlée. It came with a small side of coffee pot de crème, granola and blueberries. This dish was so crazy good. Both of them were creamy and light. Everything you want in a Crème Brûlée and a pot de crème.

Le Pigeon - Creme Brulee

My co-worker also ordered the Beef Cheek Bourguignon for dinner and her husband ordered the Duck. For dessert she ordered the Whoopie Pie and he ordered the Crème Brûlée. She said the dessert was her favorite part of the meal; she devoured it!

Le Pigeon - Whoopie Pie

At the end of the meal they brought little coffee truffles for each of us. They were OK, not the best, but loved the pigeons all over the truffle.

Le Pigeon - after dinner chocolates
I would definitely go back to this restaurant! Our meal was amazingly delicious and all the dishes were so beautiful. The owner has another french restaurant called Little Bird Bistro and I would love to try that next time we’re in Portland; which we’re definitely going back!

I would give Le Pigeon 5 Bites:
5 Bites