Portland Trip – Other Food!!!

We did a lot during our trip to Portland. Some of the places we went to required a post all of their own (Le Pigeon, Nostrana, Flavor Street Portland Walking Tour and Fire on the Mountain), but quite a few we didn’t get pics or was just a quick bite to eat and not enough for their own write up, but I don’t want to leave them out!

When we woke up on our second day we decided to check out the Pine Street Market. This market contained 8 walk up restaurants with family style seating in the center of the market. We went in hopes to find some coffee and tea and something light to eat. Everything there looked so good! I wish we had been there for lunch to try the Ramen, the Israeli Street Food or the Pizza. We did end up stopping at Brass Barista for a coffee and tea. They were both exactly what we were looking for!

After leaving Pine Street Market we realized we were really close to Voodoo Donuts – THE place to get a donut in Portland. When we arrived there was a crazy long line wrapped outside the door. Must be good donuts! My boyfriend got a Portland Cream, their Boston Cream. It was fantastic!


VooDoo Donuts

After the food tour ended we were right next to Powell Book Store. It’s a very well known, popular New and Used Book Store. It was massive and a little overwhelming!

During the food tour our tour guide told us about the “Best Bakery”, Pearl Bakery. So on our third day we decided to check it out. Since I love to bake, I always have to go into bakeries, even if I’m not planning on getting anything…I just have to check it out! It’s a cute little French Bakery. I got a chocolate croissant and my boyfriend got a Pain aux Raisins. They were both so good.

Pearl Bakery

After a day of walking around the zoo on our third day we were famished but knew we were having a big fancy dinner later so we looked for something quick and small to eat. We happened across Escape from New York Pizza. It was a super tiny pizza joint that served New York Style Pizza slices. The pizza was perfect and hit the spot.

Escape from New York Pizza

On our way out of town we decided to grab lunch. My boyfriend had heard about Bunk Sandwiches and was dying to try it. He got a Cuban Sandwich and it was everything he was hoping it would be.

Bunk Sandwiches

We got a stopped by Stumptown Cofee. We have Stumptown in Seattle, but not stand alone stores, usually a place carries Stumptown Coffee. So I was excited to see an actual storefront. Great coffee!

Stumptown Coffee

I decided to check out a couple food carts for lunch. I got some noodles and gyoza from Noodle House and Samosas from Real Taste of India.

Noodle House

Then we headed home. Can’t wait to go back to Portland and try more of their awesome restaurants and food carts!