Small Bites

I wanted a place on my blog to put short reviews for products and restaurants that I want to write about, but ones that will be short and sweet and not my typical longer review. I hope you find these fun and enjoy my Small Bites!



Salee Thai
I have gotten takeout quite a few times from this restaurant. It opened up shortly after we moved here and is conveniently located within walking distance.  I have always been happy with whatever I have ordered. I decided to order takeout from yesterday for lunch. I got the Pad Thai and Curry Puffs. This is usually my go to order, but I have also ordered the Spring Rolls, Crab Wontons, Panang Curry and Yellow Curry in past orders. I really like how they package their containers. Some of the apps have a section of the top of the container cut away so that the steam can come out and not make the food soggy. Such a genius idea! I would recommend this place if you’re looking for some good takeout.

I would give Salee Thai 3.5 Bites
3.5 Bites



This was one of the first restaurants we tried when we moved to the area. We were in the mood for some Cuban food and found this restaurant searching on Yelp. When we first walked into the restaurant I wasn’t too sure about it, as it seemed not very clean. Brian got a Mojito and I got Sangria – neither were very good, so we had even less high hopes for this restaurant. I ordered Berenjena en Coco (Sauteed eggplant with vegetables in our coconut sauce) and Brian ordered Pabellon (Shredded beef cooked in a tomato-based sauce with red peppers, onions and spices). They both were awesome – perfectly cooked and flavorful. We were pleasantly surprised how much we loved our meals. We also ordered a wonderful piece of Tres Leches! I found it to be a little expensive, but I would highly recommend this restaurant.

I give Mojito 3.5 Bites
3.5 Bites

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