The Black Duck

This weekend we decided to drive out to Issaquah and check out Cougar Mountain Zoo, grab a bite to eat and see Ghost Busters at Cinebarre. We decided to check out The Black Duck. It gets really good reviews on yelp and the food looked pretty yummy!

When you pull up to the restaurant it’s tucked away in a very cute area with a bunch of shops and restaurants. I couldn’t get over what a great spot it was in. The Black Duck is a cozy inside with an awesome bar and a great patio. It was a beautiful sunny day out so we sat on the patio.

When we sat down we ordered drinks. I ordered a New Fashioned and my boyfriend ordered a Chuckanut Blonde Ale. My drink was pretty strong but really good. So good in fact, that I ordered another after our meal! My boyfriend didn’t love the Blonde Ale, thought it was OK. For his second drink he ordered a Finn River Farmstead Cider (not pictured).

The Black Duck - Drinks

We also ordered their Homemade Pretzel that came with gouda ale sauce and mustard to dip in. It was so warm and soft – Crazy good. You could really taste the ale in the cheese sauce! Top 5 pretzels we’ve had!

The Black Duck - Homemade Pretzel

For lunch I ordered The Burger with fries. It came with oven-dried tomatoes, rosemary mayo, cheddar and tomato jam. This burger was perfectly cooked, juicy and very flavorful. Probably the best burger I’ve had since moving here!

The Black Duck - The Burger

My boyfriend ordered their special – 3 pork street tacos. The meat was cooked well and had great flavor. The only issue with the tacos was that they had way too much sauce on them. When he was eating them it all just came out of the taco and was a big mess on the plate.

The Black Duck - Pork Tacos

He also ordered a side of fried pickles. They were super thinly sliced and the corn meal breading they were fried in made them crunchy and super delicious.

The Black Duck - Fried Pickles

I really loved our meal here. I’m so glad we decided to check out Issaquah! I definitely want to go back and would highly recommend this place to anyone 🙂

I would give The Black Duck 4.5 Stars:
4.5 Bites